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    Elite College Link is an education consulting company that works together with motivated students and their parents to release the potential of our students to attain exceptional results in higher education.


    Our vision is to make a positive difference in the lives of students who have worked hard to improve their futures through education, and in this manner ECL will grow to serve our clients in locations throughout China. By demonstrating its dedication to providing the best possible service to each and every client, ECL will continue to be a recognized leader and grow to be the most trusted higher education consulting company in China.





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    Rice University


    Haverford College


    Emory University


    Vassar College


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    University of Virginia


    Cooper Union


    Colgate University


    University of California, Berkeley


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    Carnegie Mellon University


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    Dennis 卢同学

    Columbia University 哥伦比亚大学

    TOEFL: 115

    SAT: 2360 (Math: 800, Reading: 800, Writing: 760)

    Hobbies: Physics, Soccer, Basketball, Singing

    Accepted by: Columbia University (ED)


    I always hear my fellows complain about the college application process because of the cultural difference in Chinese and western countries. They are worried about the uncertainty in the application process. However, I have never worried about these because my counselor Jeremy is an American who has worked in China for years and he is familiar with the college application environment in China. This is absolutely the best choice for applying to American universities and colleges. When I first met Jeremy, he kept encouraging me to discover the activities that I am interested in and spent time on, because I would only have true understanding of an activity if I have spent time and effort on it. From the very beginning, Jeremy has enlightened me and I thus have improved my academic performance through those activities and found my true passions. These also provided useful for writing essays later on. Jeremy always came to Nanjing and chatted with me, not only about my college application but also about his and his friends’ stories in universities. These helped me discover my advantages, find topics for my PS and find my best-fit school. Jeremy’s various experiences helped me come up with various essay topics and better learn about colleges so that I could choose the universities that I love the best. ECL also provided awesome essay editing services. My counselor not only fixed the sentences of my essays but also asked me critical questions so that I could think and improve my essays. If not for him, I would be rejected by Columbia for sure. During the application process, Jeremy was always there to help me with all kinds of questions no matter how late it was. My final essays received suggestions from many ECL counselors and even Jeremy’s father. You can definitely trust this team of excellent people. From my communication with my fellow students, I was so delighted that I met Jeremy. Jeremy respected my “awkward” ideas where many other agencies didn’t. Thanks ECL for helping me so much! Through all kinds of communication with Jeremy, my TOEFL speaking even increased from 24 to 27. Jeremy and his team are definitely not only my counselors but also my life-long friends. Thanks ECL for this wonderful college application season.

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    Chloe 朱同学

    University of Pennsylvania 宾夕法尼亚大学

    TOEFL: 115

    SAT: 2200 (Math: 800, Reading: 670, Writing: 730)

    Hobbies: Piano, Chinese Ethnic Dance, Sudoku, Table Tennis, Tennis, Swimming

    Accepted by: University of Pennsylvania—Huntsman Program (ED)


    It is no exaggeration to say that ECL has played an indispensible role in my entire application process. From the very beginning, Jeremy began to not only plan for specific strategies for taking SAT tests for me, but also offered us essay brainstorming courses in order to inspire us on writing our Personal Statements. These courses have helped us start the process of inspiring our own potential and generating ideas about how to present our own strengths in our personal statements. The inspiration that ECL gave me made it possible for me to take a careful look at myself, fully take advantage of my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Apart from the great help Jeremy gave me on my essays, he also brought some ECL students, including myself, to have a campus tour around the US. There we visited many campuses, listened to information sessions, and absorbed useful information. To me, the campus tour at UPenn was the most enlightening, which made me even more convinced that UPenn was and always would be my dream school because I could feel a special yet feverish passion inside me. The night we finished our campus tour at UPenn, Jeremy brought us to a local famous restaurant to have dinner with Jack and David, two current Wharton students at UPenn. I had a very lovely conversation with them. By talking to them, I was able to know UPenn better than before and started to think about what I would like to explore in my future studies. All these reflections played a significant role in my performance during the final interview. Therefore, I fully appreciate Jeremy and his efforts in helping me all the way through my application process, and I sincerely hope that ECL can provide more guidance for more future applicants who aspire to get inspired and motivated in their future college education in the US!

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    Jacob 梁同学

    Duke University 杜克大学

    TOEFL: 111

    SAT: 2220 (Math: 790, Reading: 740, Writing: 690)

    Hobbies: Singing, SAGE, Environmental Protection programs

    Accepted by: Duke University (ED)


    Jeremy has a huge network. He personally knows admissions officers at top universities. Many of his friends and students are alumni or students of top schools. He personally designs and leads amazing trips to visit universities with small groups of his students. When we went on college trips, he provided us opportunities to talk to students from schools we were visiting to help us know more about the schools. Other than that, he also arranged several interviews between us and the admission officers of some of the schools. To us, these were all valuable interview opportunities whether or not we were applying to those schools. Also, Jeremy helped me reach out to a solar energy company in Shanghai, since I am very interested in this booming industry. With his help, I successfully became an intern there and later received a recommendation letter from the CEO of the company. Jeremy is a very creative person. Taking his advice, I adapted a song for Duke and recorded it in a music studio (Duke allows portfolios). This was definitely a huge plus for my application materials.


    Jeremy and I are not only counselor and student, but also friends. I have been to his house in New York State, played table tennis with him in his basement, and have even developed great relationships with his parents. When I was debating which school to apply to Early Decision (Duke or Cornell), I struggled for a long time to make a decision. Thankfully, Jeremy is very familiar with US universities, and he wisely advised me to choose Duke because of its academic freedom and flexibility, in addition to its interdisciplinary atmosphere, which is definitely more suitable for me. During the essay writing process, my consultant, Natasha, provided me a tremendous amount of help. Natasha received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Columbia University. With her suggestions and revisions, the logic, depth and pertinence of my essays were all greatly improved. The 9-hour personal statement workshop also helped me avoid a lot of mistakes while writing essays. Without the help of Jeremy and Natasha, it would have been impossible for me to achieve such a good result. ECL is definitely the correct choice for all motivated students looking to attend elite US universities.

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    Isabella 周同学

    Cornell University 康奈尔大学

    TOEFL: 111

    SAT: 2240 (Math: 800, Reading: 680, Writing: 760)

    Hobbies: Drawing, Volunteering, Volleyball, Writing

    Accepted by: Cornell University (ED)


    ECL helped me a lot during my college application process. It is a professional college application consulting team. During the process of choosing schools, Jeremy discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each college with me one on one. As an American, Jeremy knows a lot about schools not only from information online, but also from his personal experience. From him, I learned what good colleges are like from an American’s perspective and thus with his help chose the schools that were most suitable for me. The more important thing is that Jeremy gave me the freedom to choose my own schools. He never told me anything like “You won’t get into this university.” He let me make my own choices. ECL helped me to realize my dream. During the application season, ECL prepared a detailed timeline with the deadline for every essay. As long as I followed the schedule, there would be no problems with finishing the essays or having enough time for editing. My essay consultant Adam finished editing each draft within two days—I was really impressed by his effectiveness. Adam is an excellent writer and a logical thinker. Thus, he would point out the problems of structure in my essays each time and let me think about how to improve it. Over several months, my English writing improved a lot. Jeremy is not only a consultant to me, but he is also a friend. I volunteered at the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and Jeremy is Jewish. Thus, when I had questions about Sukkot, Pesach, and other Jewish festivals, Jeremy would give me detailed answers. It was the help from ECL that allowed me to get into my dream school.

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    Michael 陈同学

    Northwestern University 西北大学

    TOEFL: 117

    SAT: 2350 (Math: 800, Reading: 750, Writing: 800)

    Hobbies: School Newspaper, Art (Painting and Calligraphy), Volunteering

    Accepted by: Northwestern University, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley


    For me, working with ECL has proved to be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Beginning in the early summer, ECL organized a PS workshop that helped me tackle the sometimes daunting task of writing a good personal statement. In the class, I learned how to think like an admissions officer, brainstorm topics, and most importantly, choose one and start the refining process. Adam, my essay consultant, is a great writer and teacher. Not only is he able to spot and correct my errors in English usage, but more importantly, he guides my writing in a way that shows who I am, not just what I did. Having Adam as my counselor gave me the confidence to write where my thoughts take me, because I know that if I went off track or missed anything, he’d certainly pick it up.


    Aside from the writing process, Jeremy, the CEO of ECL, also helped me prepare for standardized tests such as SAT and TOEFL. An outstanding learner himself, Jeremy was able to pass on both his effective testing strategies and knowledge of English usage, helping me succeed in these tests.


    It may sound irrelevant to a college application, but I was thoroughly amazed by the thoughtful arrangements and designs in ECL’s office the first time I walked in. Thanks to Jeremy’s attention to detail, the online application process went smoothly. No item was left unchecked on the Common Application forms and every detail was taken into consideration so that my application reflects my best and true self.


    As an additional benefit, I had the opportunity to take three of ECL’s many KFC (Knowledge for College, a catchy name that reflects the care that ECL takes in their work) courses available with no added charge for students. One of my favorite courses is Intro to Ethics, a “must-take” if you’re interested in philosophy. Unlike history or literature, philosophy is not usually covered in the high school curriculum, at least in most local high schools. Luckily for me, I’ve now had the chance to explore philosophy before I start college. So if you’re still looking for someone to help you with the college application process and provide great learning opportunities along the way, ECL is certainly the place to go.

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    Rose​ 张同学

    Vassar College 瓦萨学院

    TOEFL: 108

    ACT: 33 (English: 32, Math: 36, Reading: 27, Science: 35)

    Hobbies: Chorus, A Capella, Film and Television, Social Enterprise (NGO), Visual Art (design and installation)

    Accepted by: Vassar College (ED), Bard College (EA)


    When I was still in Grade 10, Jeremy and his colleagues gave a lecture at our school as an interviewer of Columbia University. I was accepted by Columbia’s summer school then and had a good time chatting with Jeremy. He invited me to the Sunday KFC courses and I didn’t know that ECL is a consulting company until I took the amazing speaking courses led by Frank. Jeremy helped me a lot even before I signed the contract with him. For the two years’ time I spent with ECL and Jeremy, I took many great courses about standardized tests, essay preparation and other subjects that were helpful. Jeremy is more like a friend than a consultant, yet he is very professional with college applications. I still remember that Jeremy showed me some photos of Vassar College during the essay preparation courses and that is how I came to learn about this wonderful college. From the essay preparation courses, Jeremy taught us a lot about essay writing and it was this series of courses that inspired me to pick my personal statement topic. Adam helped me with editing essays for 10 schools and I improved a lot during this process, even though I don’t have the chance to use them all now. Adam did not directly edit the essays that I wrote, instead, he gave me many instructions on the ways of thinking. I strongly recommend ECL to my friends since Jeremy is really responsible and this is definitely a good choice for you to get into the best college that suits you.

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    Faye 马同学

    Swarthmore College 斯沃思莫尔学院

    TOEFL: 112

    SAT: 2140 (Math: 710, Reading: 640, Writing: 790)

    Hobbies: Piano, Cello, Percussion, Reading, Floral arrangement, Language study

    Accepted by: Swarthmore College (ED), Bard College (EA)


    I visited or called several college application consulting companies in the spring of my junior year, some of which were famous and were almost occupied by students from my school. I chose ECL because of the enthusiasm, energy and professionalism Jeremy showed throughout the hour-long talk on the day we first met.


    When we were making my school list, I was already sure about my intended major and ideal vibe of a school. Jeremy helped me choose my list of schools in quite a short time and this list hardly changed over the following few months. I was impressed that although Jeremy and I believe in quite different things and have distinctive personalities, Jeremy was able to think from my point of view and give advice that was best for me. I think this was crucial to our high efficiency.


    In the past summer, Jeremy took me and other two ECL students on a college trip to the US. Jeremy drove us to schools in NY, PA and MA. We listened to info sessions, joined the campus tours, had interviews and talked to admissions officers from different colleges. The tour gave us a more thorough and direct feeling of the schools we were applying to. Despite the extremely tiring schedule we had for those 10 days, Jeremy was always unbelievably energetic. We spent several nights at Jeremy’s parents’ home in Niskayuna, NY. His parents welcomed us with great hospitality. What’s more, they gave advice on our future plans. When they came to China a month later, Jeremy’s dad gave us seminars on history and business. My family also invited Jeremy and his parents to dinner. I believe such personal care and friendship are impossible to be found in other consulting companies.


    Adam, the ECL consultant Jeremy paired me with, was another highlight of my college application process. He speaks French and Arabic. He has played trumpet in the UAE Philharmonic, written news reports in Jordan, ridden a motorcycle in Shanghai and shot his TV show in Iraq. That’s enough said about the diversity of his skills and experiences. He is my idol. I was excited about working on my essays with him. What’s more, Adam’s dad, Dr. Gerald Levinson, played an important role in my college application process. He’s a music professor at my dream school, Swarthmore College. More importantly, he is one of the major contemporary classical music composers in America. He used to be student of my favorite contemporary composer, George Crumb. He also spent two years in Bali to study Indonesian music and then brought the Gamelan ensemble to Swarthmore, which is a great match with my academic interest in ethnomusicology. Jeremy encouraged me to email Dr. Levinson. Dr. Levinson not only introduced me the music program of Swarthmore, which made Swarthmore my first choice school, but he also put me in contact with his colleagues, who further answered my questions in specific areas. When we visited Swarthmore in the summer, Dr. Levinson spent two hours talking to us in person. He listened to me about my research on Taoism funeral music with great patience and showed strong interest. In addition, he answered my questions on different topics, from submitting application music supplements to fieldwork on folklore. The conversation with him greatly inspired me and helped me perfect my “Why Swarthmore” essay. When we were deciding my ED school, Jeremy suggested Swarthmore with no hesitation. That’s why I applied to Swarthmore despite my concerns on my relatively low standardized test scores and lack of honors and prizes. Based on my result, our decision couldn’t have been wiser. The joy of being admitted by my dream school, which perfectly fits my personality and has the professor who I’m willing to follow, cannot be described by words.


    At this moment, I can’t imagine an application season without Jeremy, Adam and Dr. Levinson. I’m so lucky to have their help. However, what I had was more than mere luck: it was ECL’s attention on individuals and connections with the college faculty and alumni, which, I believe, are what applicants need the most from a consulting company.

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    Jonathan 苗同学

    Northwestern University 西北大学

    TOEFL: N/A

    SAT: 2160 (Math: 770, Reading: 710, Writing: 680)

    Hobbies: Model UN, Theatre, Robotics, Student Government, Volunteering

    Accepted by: Northwestern University (ED), Case Western (EA)


    At first the reason my family chose Elite College Link (ECL) was because my parents didn’t want me to be like my sister during her application months - overloaded with school work and college apps and unable to manage both. After a short while I began to realize how much ECL really helped me. Firstly, Jeremy helped me pick some of my schools, which I am very grateful for. I had only visited five or six schools that I wanted to go to, and he helped me find other schools that fit my preference to add to my college list. Secondly, both Adam (my editor) and Jeremy made writing essays efficient and easier. Adam provided useful feedback and edits, and Jeremy also checked over my essays and helped me put it into the Common App. All the while, when they gave feedback it was either in the form of an example or a question if my writing was confusing or not specific enough. That way I had to fix those portions of my essays with my own words, ensuring that the essay still had my voice and personality. Jeremy also has many connections with college students and admissions officers, which is very useful. As a senior who is very busy and gets home about 7pm every day and still have 5+ hours of homework to do, having Jeremy and Adam there definitely made the application process a lot easier and less stressful. I’m very grateful for the help that ECL gave me, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone :)!

    broken image

    Alice 林同学

    Haverford College 哈弗福德学院

    TOEFL: 108

    ACT: 30 (English: 30, Math: 34, Reading: 33, Science: 25)

    Hobbies: School Newspaper, Art (Painting and Calligraphy), Volunteering

    Accepted by: Haverford College, Bryn Mawr College, Occidental College, Tulane University, McGill University, UBC


    ECL was the first consulting company that I had visited and it only took me forty minutes to know that Jeremy and his team would be the best help for my application process. Throughout the one-hour conversation, Jeremy jotted down my interests, the courses I take at school, and my standardized test scores in his notebook. His enthusiasm and willingness to help are reasons that I chose ECL.


    My essay consultant Adam is extremely patient and inspiring. When he was confused about the messages I wanted to convey in my essays, he would ask what my ideas were rather than make edits directly. Adam explained comments that I didn’t understand and edited every version of my essays with great patience (for each essay, I had 7-8 versions!). After I was rejected by Bowdoin (ED), Adam encouraged me to keep up my good work and continue making progress on my writing.


    Last winter, Jeremy suggested a college trip to attend info sessions and talk to admission officers. The interviews and conversations were great chances for me to show my personality and interests, which cannot be told from my scores, to AOs. Despite the cold winter in the east coast and my sore throat, the experience of the college tour was invaluable and gave me more direct impressions of schools that I had applied to. We stayed at Jeremy’s parents’ house for several nights. Jeremy’s dad asked me what I thought about the SAT history courses he taught the previous summer. We had great laughs in our conversations and Jeremy’s dad gave me guidance upon my confusion about college life. Jeremy’s mom (formerly a pharmacist) gave me cough syrup and pills for my sore throat. Without Jeremy’s mom’s medicine, it would be nearly impossible for me to express myself to AOs with my sore throat.


    My college application would have been a mess without Jeremy and Adam. I’m so lucky to have ECL as my consulting company. Thanks to ECL for listening to my thoughts, helping me with my essays, and accompanying me through hard times in my application season!

    broken image

    Nina 胡同学

    Tufts University 塔夫茨大学

    TOEFL: 114

    SAT: 2040 (Math: 700, Reading: 660, Writing: 680)

    Hobbies: Environmental protection, Model UN, School Newspaper, Student Council, Debate

    Accepted by: Tufts University (ED 2)


    I signed with ECL at a later stage of my college application process, but I’m glad that I didn’t miss the opportunity to work with ECL.


    Jeremy has been very supportive during the consulting process. He helped me come up with a college list based on my interests and personality. Jeremy’s connections to many admission officers provided me the opportunity to talk with them. I was hesitant when I thought about applying to Tufts for Early Decision II. Tufts has a strong International Relations program and I liked the environment of the campus. However, I was not confident with my standardized test score, and Tufts has a low admissions rate. It is considered extremely hard for Chinese students to get in. Nevertheless, Jeremy encouraged me to apply ED II to Tufts. He taught me how to succeed in an interview and wrote a recommendation to the admissions officer at Tufts. This played an important role in my admission to Tufts.


    Besides Jeremy, his father, Mr. Goren, was the instructor for my SAT US History course. I always enjoyed our conversation and Mr. Goren gave me advice on my personal statement and future college life. Mr. Goren’s life advice helped me confirm my choice to study International Relations, which was why I applied to Tufts.


    My essay consultant Natasha also played an important role in my admission. Natasha paid close attention to details, and she was good at guiding students in terms of content and structure. She not only commented on my essays, but also taught me how to think and how to write. I must say that I am lucky to have ECL helping me during my college application process.

    broken image

    Rosy 周同学

    UCLA 加州大学洛杉矶分校

    TOEFL: 104

    SAT: 1970 (Math: 770, Reading: 580, Writing: 620)

    Hobbies: Piano, Tennis, Business Simulations

    Accepted by: UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, Case Western, Skidmore


    I had high expectations for Jeremy and ECL, because I had heard that the staff at ECL had graduated from top U.S. universities. When I first began preparing to write my personal statement, I had no idea where to start. But then, I took the Personal Statement Workshop with Adam and he taught me how to construct a great personal essay. I believe that the essay is the most essential part of the college application. I am very thankful for both Adam and Tory for helping me revise and improve hundreds of essay drafts.


    After the applications are turned in, there is a long waiting process when you won’t know the results of your hard work. Early in the application process, I was not very confident because I did not have perfect grades. Because of this, Jeremy told me to be patient and wait until all results came out, including results from waitlists. Originally, I was admitted by UCSB, UCSD and CWRU, and Skidmore, and I was planning to go to Skidmore. Jeremy explained to me that Skidmore is in one of the best college towns in America. While most people were celebrating their college acceptances, I didn’t give up on my waitlist schools. I improved my GPA, volunteered, and found a bank internship in senior year in order to show admissions officers that I was working hard to improve myself. Even though I was planning to go to Skidmore, all of my hard work paid off and I was admitted to UCLA off of the waitlist. UCLA has excellent economics and art programs, which is a great match for me.


    Thank you so much to Jeremy, his dad (for helping me with SAT prep), and the rest of the ECL staff who helped me immensely with the application process.

    broken image

    Janice 生同学

    University of Rochester 罗切斯特大学

    TOEFL: 102

    SAT: 2120 (Math: 780, Reading: 610, Writing: 730)

    Hobbies: Public Speaking, Student Union, Horseback Riding, Swimming

    Accepted by: University of Rochester, Wesleyan University


    I first heard about Elite College Link (ECL) last March, and I had the opportunity to meet with Jeremy, and talk to him about my vision for the future. Looking back, I can see that before I met with him, I was still very confused and did not fully understand the application process. Before I applied, I was constantly thinking about how to showcase my strengths to colleges and overcome my weaknesses; I was too distressed to think about how to impress universities. Before I found ECL, I consulted some other domestic institutions that help with application, but their answers were unexpectedly the same: “Most Chinese students are proficient in science subjects. You should choose the subject in which you can get 800 in the SAT Subject Test instead of considering the major you might choose.” However, Jeremy’s answer was nothing like that. He told me: “Chinese students could easily top Math, Physics and Chemistry. You may not want to follow others blindly. I think you should prepare for the subject tests in which you are interested. It is okay to challenge yourself.” After this short conversation I had with Jeremy, I felt encouraged and confident to challenge myself and follow my heart. That’s why I chose ECL in the end.


    The application process at ECL is different from most of the Chinese institutions. The tradition of ECL is to brainstorm first, then practice free-writing, and then the consultant will advise through revisions and suggestions for improvement. The revisions from ECL consultants are extremely helpful and thoughtful, and force you to improve your writing, a skill useful for the applications and once you get to school. At first it seems like a lot of work for students, but this process helps improve students’ abilities and ensures that students are part of the whole writing process, and that the writing is truly their own. As a result, students at ECL are responsible for themselves and have a better understanding of the schools that they are applying to. Before the essays are submitted, they are carefully reviewed multiple times by a consultant, and finally Jeremy gives the final review of every essay for every student. To my delight, after I submitted those essays, I felt a sense of happiness and pride instead of feeling unconfident and unsure. I must also mention my essay consultant Natasha, who was extremely helpful during the writing process. She helped me organize my thoughts, and modify my essays to fit perfectly for each school. Even when I ran into problems or writers block with my essays, she never lost her patience with me. She always carefully discussed the essays with me until we came up with new ideas.


    In November, I asked Jeremy if I could get a chance to go to the U.S. and visit some campuses, because I missed the opportunity to go together with some classmates. Since I couldn't find other students to go with me, I was worried that I may have lost such a great opportunity. But to my surprise, Jeremy arranged a campus tour for me with his parents in the U.S. During the six days of my visit, Jeremy’s parents treated me like their own daughter. From the pre-meal bread and jam, Bob Dylan in the car stereo, materials they prepared, chatting beneath the night sky, simple regards before bed, to the reluctance to leave, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude at the end of my visit. Before I went to the U.S., Jeremy not only reserved the interview for me but also printed all sorts of materials; furthermore, he clearly explained everything about the coming events, and what the college visits would be like. Jeremy arranged for me to meet the AO of Rochester, and on campus we had a nice chat before the interview, which Jeremy also arranged for me. I think because of this, I received my acceptance letter about one week before Rochester released the rest of its decisions to Chinese applicants. I was moved both by Jeremy’s dedication and by his parents’ hospitality and kindness.


    Thank you ECL for all of the help and constant support.

    broken image

    Rainey 薛同学

    Duke University 杜克大学

    TOEFL: 111

    GRE: 324 (Verbal: 155, Math: 169, Writing: 3.0)

    University: East China Normal U. of Science and Technology, GPA: 3.37

    Accepted by: Duke University, Tufts University

    It’s my pleasure to be the first graduate applicant at ECL. As a consultant agency, ECL is professional and customer-oriented. When we were making the school list, Jeremy immediately offered detailed information including school features, reputation, environment, and security of the various schools I was interested in. Their advantage is that they have real experience and are in regular contact with US universities, which is a reliable reference to me. Besides Jeremy, I really appreciate the great help Yaniv offered on my essays. ECL will spend a lot of time getting to know you before they guide you. Before we started, Yaniv asked me several questions including my academic performances, future plan, and personal experience, from general plan to project details, to create a solid frame, which is completely different from lots of agencies that directly use templates instead. The final essays were awesome, which was just what I had hoped. Jeremy and Yaniv assisted me to express my background and strong points in a more precise and professional way. ECL made me successfully stand out.

    broken image

    Harry 刘同学

    Bucknell University 巴克内尔大学

    TOEFL: 109

    SAT: 2130 (Math: 790, Reading: 650, Writing: 690)

    Hobbies: Board Games, Soccer, Volunteering

    Accepted by: Bucknell University, Georgia Tech, University of Rochester


    ECL is a unique agency. The biggest difference between ECL and other agencies is that ECL has a very good grasp of the characteristics of each student, and helps us to showcase these characteristics in our applications.


    Before joining ECL, I talked with several agents who worked in other educational consulting companies. They all told me the same simple thing: “according to your scores in SAT and TOEFL, we will guarantee admittance to highly ranking schools”. I felt like these words were perfunctory and were only said in order to urge me to pay their fee. These other study abroad agencies completely ignore the personal characteristics of students and which university will be a good fit, and they only care about university rankings, which sometimes don’t even make sense.


    ECL’s CEO Jeremy (who is also fluent in Chinese) fully understands the American university system. When giving a list of school choices for each student, he thoroughly considers the different characteristics of each student and evaluates whether each university on the list is a good choice. For example: since I want to study science and engineering, Jeremy suggested that I do not apply to a higher ranked school that is not as strong in engineering and science. On my school list, almost every school has a strong engineering department, which will really help me to grow my professional skills. Meanwhile, the school list that Jeremy helped me develop contained a wide range of schools, not limited to only schools with great reputation in China, but also schools that have no less high-quality educational resources. After careful consideration, I chose to attend Bucknell University over Georgia Tech. It can be said, in the unique school list Jeremy customized for me, I would have been happy to attend any school.


    I must also commend the excellent ECL consultants! ECL recruits top graduates from American colleges and graduate schools for their abilities to revise essays and help improve our English skills! My first teacher Adam, is a distinct-looking guy who looks like the German footballer Ozil, was responsible for the summer essays and brainstorming, and helped me with my personal statement. He never denied any of my ideas, no matter how absurd they seemed to be, and encouraged open-minded thinking. During revising, he was honest and meticulous in his comments and suggestions. For example, I sometimes express too much Chinglish by using rigid vocabulary, or thinking too much in a Chinese way, but Adam always promptly corrected these kinds of mistakes. Another example was when I wanted to show marvelous words at the beginning of the essay, describing a poetic scene—Adam advised me that a large paragraph of meaningless scene description would occupy too much of my space to represent myself, and the readers may miss the main point about it. Adam’s unique American ways of thinking were very helpful. Another consultant, Natasha, was responsible for helping me complete my supplemental essays for all the schools to which I applied. Her attitude is really great. If I sent my essay in the evening, the next version would be available by the next morning. Moreover, Natasha modifies essays sentence by sentence, helping students completely perfect their writing. Such efficiencies are very important for international students like me who are very busy in school, on top of applying to college.


    At the beginning of the application process, I did not have clear objectives about which universities to apply to, and I had quite an indifferent attitude. Without ECL’s help, perhaps I would have ended up at a school that was not a good fit for my personality and goals. ECL educated me on the characteristics of each school I applied to, and allowed me to adjust my tactics for applying to schools. It is ECL who allowed me to finally have clear goals!


    I am ecstatic that I got the offer from Bucknell University. Thank you to everyone at ECL! You are the best!

    broken image

    Bobby 陈同学

    Cornell University 康奈尔大学

    TOEFL: N/A

    SAT: 1900 (Math: 730, Reading: 550, Writing: 620)

    Hobbies: Chess, Tennis, Badminton, Scientific Research

    Accepted by: Cornell University, Tulane University, UWisconsin—Madison


    I am very glad that I made the decision to join the ECL family. As I learned more and more about ECL, I realized that it was more like a big family rather than a college consulting company. The CEO Jeremy is an easy guy to talk with. I felt very comfortable talking to him and asking him questions. Even when many of my questions had simple answers, I was taken seriously and was told that these questions were necessary to ask when I am applying to college for the first time.


    Unlike many other institutions, which only consider grades, ECL helps us pick schools based on all aspects of our personalities. As someone who does not have perfect grades, but has participated in a lot of strong activities, my focus in my application was to showcase my comprehensiveness. Besides my grades, my writing has always been my biggest worry. However, Natasha is such a good teacher and helped me extensively with all of my college essays. I was surprised the first time she returned my personal statement draft to me. She did not change anything that I wrote down, but only wrote down helpful comments on the side. Natasha taught me how to write rather than change my writing for me. This is what I believe to be the best value of ECL. ECL made me experience the whole process of applying to college firsthand; for example, researching colleges on my own and writing the first drafts of essays by myself. Unlike other consulting companies that do everything for their students, ECL had me participate throughout the whole process. I believe the value of applying to college is not only limited to the result we receive at the end, but also the knowledge and experience we learned throughout the process.


    I want to say thank you to all the ECL staff especially Jeremy, Natasha and Tory! I recommend anyone applying to college in the US to join the big ECL family!

    broken image

    Cindy 陈同学

    Smith College 史密斯学院

    TOEFL: 100

    SAT: 1990 (Math: 760, Reading: 620, Writing: 610)

    Hobbies: Jewelry design, Badminton, Reading

    Accepted by: Oberlin, Bryn Mawr, UCSD, Mount Holyoke, McGill, Smith, Skidmore, Union

    Elite College Link played a very important role in my application to colleges. By assisting me in applying to the Center for Talented Youth (CTY), providing advice when I wrote the essays that are required by colleges and helping me contact admission officers when I was waitlisted by Smith College, Jeremy was integral in my acceptance to Smith. Jeremy provided me with tremendous suggestions for writing “why” essays and introduced colleges to me thoroughly to enable me find the universities that best fit me. I truly appreciate the help from Elite College Link and would like to recommend ECL to anyone who plans on applying to colleges in the U.S.!

    broken image

    Henry 邹同学

    New York University 纽约大学

    TOEFL: 104

    SAT: 2030 (Math: 740, Reading: 600, Writing: 690)

    Hobbies: Legos, Robotics, Drawing, Model UN

    Accepted by: New York University, Boston University, UCSD, RPI


    Before I found ECL, applying to a US college was unfamiliar to me; I was both puzzled about and a little bit afraid of the application process. But with the help of Jeremy, the complicated college application process became very clear and I am extremely satisfied with the result.


    The consultants at ECL are good at finding out the special characteristics of each applicant and then showing us how to make ourselves stand out in the different application materials. As a robot lover and a Lego fan, Jeremy and Adam helped me modify my personal statement, essays and supplemental materials many times, so that the admissions officers could see the unique "me".


    Furthermore, ECL provided me with many precious chances that are even not directly related to the college application. I still remember the summer holiday last year when Jeremy offered me a chance to get an internship in a robot company. Unfortunately, the Cornell Summer College classes that I attended conflicted with the internship, so I had to pass up the opportunity. Those opportunities that Jeremy and ECL provide are not only helpful for college applications, but also very essential for a future career.


    Generally speaking, I enthusiastically recommend all students applying to US universities to choose ECL. ECL is an ideal consulting institution that I highly recommend, not only for its professional consultants, but also for their persistence and their unique application style. ECL has been a tremendous help through my application process, and I owe my application success to them!

    broken image

    Linus 刘同学

    Duke University 杜克大学

    TOEFL: 112

    SAT: 2340 (Math: 780, Reading: 800, Writing: 760)

    Hobbies: Math, Student Government, Meditation, Running

    Accepted by: Duke University, Washington University in St. Louis


    If you choose to take a gap year before college, it is very important to be successful with applications, since students cannot take two gap years. As a gap year applicant, I was advised not to be over-ambitious with the school selection, because it was very important for me to get into a US college. I ended up only applying to one school in the Top 10 – Duke, and to my delight, I was admitted and this is where I will be going in the fall. ECL was incredibly helpful and accommodating throughout the entire application process. Since this was my "last chance" at applying, I asked ECL for permission to apply to more than 15 schools, which is typically the suggested limit ECL sets on students. Because ECL recognized my special circumstances and my diligent work ethic, I was granted permission to apply to more schools. Adam worked tirelessly to help me revise (and re-revise) supplemental essays and Jeremy helped me fill out the applications for a total of 22 schools.


    Jeremy worked on presenting my activities in a way that made me look more appealing to universities, and Adam worked hard to help me both in the Personal Statement Workshop and all the months following to help me write a great Personal Statement and supplemental essays. He helped me improve my writing greatly, and gave me a lot of ideas of how to present myself well to colleges.


    In addition to helping me with applications, Jeremy has showed me the basic etiquette in writing emails and communicating with native speakers. He also helped me by holding mock interviews for schools, where I could practice my answers to typical interview questions. I have also taken personalized speaking classes taught by Adam in order to enhance my spoken English, along with other interesting KFC courses that helped me better understand American culture.


    Generally speaking, ECL gives every student a lot of freedom, unlike many of the other firms that don’t even allow students access to their own Common Application accounts. ECL makes the whole process transparent, leaving the final decisions to students themselves. Also the prompt replies and revisions from Jeremy and Adam helped ease the application process a lot.


    ECL has been a tremendous help throughout the entire application process, and I certainly owe my admission success to all of their hard work.

    broken image

    Jerry 孙同学

    University of Virginia 弗吉尼亚大学

    TOEFL: 111

    SAT: 2110 (Math: 800, Reading: 660, Writing: 650)

    Hobbies: Math Club, Science Projects, Volunteering

    Accepted by: University of Virginia, Bucknell University, URichmond, RPI


    Meeting with Jeremy was something accidental but ended up being very lucky for me. At first, my mom and I were trying to find a consulting company for the college application process, and to tell the truth I had almost made up my mind before I met Jeremy at Elite College Link. However, as soon as I met with him I immediately felt Jeremy’s passion for his business. Unlike other companies, the passion of helping students fulfill their college dreams is clear and seems to be unlimited in all of the consultants. I have to admit that without their help, my college application would not have been as smooth as it was.


    There are many stages in the application process, so I’d like to highlight a few specific cases here.


    I didn’t have much information about the universities or colleges in the US while choosing schools, but Jeremy really knew the schools and their reputations well, as he carefully introduced many schools that might suit me based on my interests. He encouraged me to investigate many schools that were new to me, while also helping me to apply for the Stanford summer program, which was really amazing.


    When September came, we started to write application essays. The next few months seemed like the highlight of the service. Phillip, my essay consultant, carefully checked and edited all my essays, and if there was anything wrong with materials inside, he would try to communicate with me through Skype and exchange his ideas. For several specific essays, we wrote several editions and finally chose the best one among them. Those two months were really unforgettable, not only because of the exhaustive writing help, but also from the encouragement and support I got from Phillip, Jeremy and the other consultants at ECL such as Reuben.


    Even after the application, Jeremy continued to communicate with me quite often, to make sure that I could make the right decision for the next 4 years. He introduced alumni from Bucknell to me and encouraged me to learn more about each school I was admitted to.


    What really impressed me about Jeremy and ECL is far more than the great essay editing service and excellent results, but something more subtle—their passion and enthusiasm for their work. For me, Jeremy is more like a friend than a consultant.


    Jeremy once invited me to a Christmas Party which was held by his former student. This really shows how connected Jeremy is with his students, as I can’t imagine that other consultant companies keep in contact with their students in this way.


    ECL is like a big family in which everyone likes to help the students in whatever way they can, and I recommend all motivated students to join this family.

    broken image

    Chenny 蒋同学

    Northwestern University 西北大学

    TOEFL: 114

    ACT: 33 (English: 32, Math: 36, Reading: 30, Science: 32)

    Hobbies: Swimming, World Scholars Cup, Volunteering, Student Government

    Accepted by: Northwestern University (ED)


    Choosing ECL proved to be the right decision for me. I met Jeremy when I was still in middle school. I was impressed with his fluent Mandarin and his background of studying physics at Columbia university. He suggested that I join a summer school program called the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) during my freshman year. This gave me an opportunity to experience American college life and discover my potential interest in engineering.


    Last summer when I was close to finishing with my standardized tests and most of my activities, I went back to ECL to finalize my school list and to start the college application process. Jeremy helped me to fine-tune the priorities on my list, and suggested some colleges that I had not considered before. He was particularly helpful in filling out the Common Application forms.


    I spent nearly a whole summer writing my personal statement. Adam, my essay counselor, encouraged me to think from the perspective of an admission officer during the workshop ECL organized in early July. He then kindly helped me to elaborate from my initial thoughts. I especially appreciated his patience and prudence during the revision of my drafts day and night during the summer.


    After my senior year started, Adam and Jeremy continued to help me with my essays, especially when they dealt with my dozens of supplemental ones. Not only have they helped me improve my grammar, sentence structure, and word choices, but they also focused on the themes of my essays, and the connection between paragraphs. In spite of the time difference between the US and China, and my occasional procrastinated submission, Adam and Jeremy were responsible for helping me to be accepted as a Wildcat of Year 2021.

    broken image

    Rina 丁同学

    Hamilton College 哈密尔顿学院

    TOEFL: 103

    SAT: 2120 (Math: 800, Reading: 640, Writing: 680)

    Hobbies: Japanese Club, Chamber Orchestra, Flute, Volunteering

    Accepted by: Hamilton College (ED)


    Thanks to ECL, I got into my dream school ED. Last August, I visited a range of universities and liberal arts colleges in the northeastern part of the US with Jeremy. Hamilton College was the first school that we visited. I wanted to find a small liberal arts college with enthusiastic people, a free curriculum, and a place where diverse courses were provided especially in the academic fields that I was interested in. Hamilton satisfied all of my expectations. Coincidentally, although I had known a lot of liberal arts colleges, I heard little of Hamilton until visiting. It was ECL's college trip which brought Hamilton into my view. After having an interview, looking around the campus and attending the info session, I realized that Hamilton was exactly what I wanted. The bright smiles of the guide who showed us around the campus and my interviewers really impressed me and made me believe that Hamilton could be a place I belong to.


    Jeremy scheduled all four of our student interviews at Hamilton, and told us that it would be good practice. Hamilton enrolls very few Chinese students every year, and does not offer interview opportunities in China. Therefore, on-campus interviews are very valuable for Chinese applicants. In fact, the interview ended up being a vital part of my application to Hamilton.


    After careful consideration, I finally decided to apply ED to Hamilton. My essay counselor Natasha gave me tons of valuable suggestions on my essays. With her help, I wrote an enthusiastic "why" essay for Hamilton.


    Jeremy also helped me a lot. He told me how to fill in various forms, advised me whether to include music supplements, and even previewed every email sent to colleges. It was him who made my application process so much easier than I could imagine.

  • Our Consultants

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    Adam Valen Levinson

    Columbia University

    Adam Valen Levinson is a multimedia backpack journalist and travel writer who has filed stories from around the globe to the world’s premier publications, including Al Jazeera, Haaretz, and VICE. He graduated Columbia University magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with a degree in Political Science and Linguistics, and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College.


    In 2010, he became one of the first employees at NYU Abu Dhabi while playing second trumpet in the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra. Adam has also worked forThe Colbert Report, and if you watch tremendous amounts of television, you might catch a glimpse of him as a charismatic conman from Kathmandu or a cheery doorman from Brooklyn.

    broken image

    Natasha Naayem

    Columbia University

    Natasha Naayem lived in Montreal and Paris before coming to New York for her undergraduate studies. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and Psychology from Columbia College, and is a recent graduate of the Masters in Fine Arts program in Fiction from Columbia's School of the Arts.


    She has taught a Creative Writing class for Columbia students entitled “No One Wants to Hear about your Breakup,” which focused on the different literary techniques authors have used to qualify the universal topic of love. She has also taught a Creative Writing workshop and seminar for Columbia’s Summer High School program, and was a mentor for the wonderful organization Girls Write Now. She has a black belt in Taekwondo and a longhaired Chihuahua.

    broken image

    David Salinas

    Columbia University

    David Salinas is a writer from Texas and currently lives in Shanghai. He studied film, English Literature, and theatre at the University of Texas as an undergrad. He was a Clein-Lemann Fellow and Chair's Fellow at Columbia University, where he received his Master's in Creative Writing. David is the former Web Editor of the Columbia Literary Journal and its internet counterpart, Catch and Release. He taught 11th grade writing at the Harlem Children's Zone.


    David writes film reviews for AllMovie and is also a writer for several sports websites. His artistic work has been showcased at MoMA PS1, the Future Gallery in Berlin, and the Austin Museum of Digital Art. David was the featured filmmaker at the CinemaTexas Film Festival 2007. He is finishing a novel.

    broken image

    Reuben Shorser

    Princeton University

    Reuben graduated from Princeton in 2014 with a bachelor’s in Economics and is originally from Pound Ridge, New York. His senior thesis was entitled: "China's Labor Market: An Assessment of the Lewis and Neoclassical Models". On campus Reuben was primarily involved in music-related activities, conducting the Princeton Triangle Show for 2 years and playing trumpet in a student-run afrobeat ensemble. Additionally, Reuben tutored local middle and high school students in math. Reuben is conversant in Mandarin and spent two summers studying Chinese at Beijing Normal University.

    broken image

    Kunaal Sharma

    Columbia University

    Kunaal Sharma is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Columbia and uses experiments to study ways to counter violent extremism. He came to Columbia from the Council on Foreign Relations, where he served for two years as the South Asia research associate. Earlier, he worked at The White House, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Kunaal holds a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from Columbia, and studied for one year at Oxford. He speaks Urdu, Hindi, and French as well as basic Turkish and Persian.

    broken image

    Phillip Yang

    Yale University

    Phillip Yang is a specialist in sustainable development and renewable energy. Having graduated from Yale in 2010 with a degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies, he immediately found himself in Beijing working for the Natural Resource Defense Council on a postgraduate fellowship from Princeton. He then spent two years working in Shanghai, working with the United Nations in financing and investing in Chinese renewable energy infrastructure. He recently moved back to the States to work in large scale government solar projects.


    broken image

    Jeremy Goren, Founder and CEO of Elite College Link

    Columbia University

    Jeremy founded Elite College Link (ECL) in 2010 to help talented students be admitted to exceptional universities in the US. Jeremy is a leader and role model for his students and cares deeply about their educational future and well-being beyond the application process. Jeremy graduated from Columbia University in 2007 majoring in Applied Physics and pursuing as many classes as his course work would allow in East Asian Languages and Cultures. As soon as he graduated, he moved to Shanghai to continue learning Mandarin at Shanghai Jiaotong University and quickly fell in love with the city. Jeremy has been a member of Columbia’s Alumni Representative committee in Shanghai. He is a native English speaker and is fluent in Mandarin. In his free time, he enjoys watching ice hockey, playing pingpong, practicing piano, and traveling.

    broken image

    Tory Kane, Director of Operations

    Tufts University

    Tory grew up in a suburb of Boston, MA. She attended Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, where she graduated summa cum laude with a major in philosophy and a minor in English. To continue her philosophical inquiry, she attended Tufts university where she received her MA in philosophy. During her time at Tufts, she worked as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University for an Ethical Reasoning course and as a Teaching Assistant at Tufts University for an Introduction to Ethics course. In graduate school, she focused on ethics and metaethics, and was particularly interested in questions like how we form moral judgments, and whether or not we can have moral knowledge. Soon after graduating from Tufts, Tory moved to China to work for ECL, and because she really likes dumplings. She likes to spend her free time trying new Chinese food, cooking, and traveling in Asia.

  • The Elite College Link Experience

    “Everyone on our staff takes a personal interest in the success of our students as they apply for admission to prestigious universities. As college consultants, we work alongside our very motivated students to elicit their best while guiding them through the application process. I am personally in touch with admissions officers of many universities to keep an open line of communication. This helps both our students and the colleges each achieve their desired outcomes. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our students and their parents. I invite you to join ECL by contacting us today to make an appointment with me to begin the journey” – Jeremy Goren, Founder and CEO

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